Fire extinguisher used in rescuing two children from a car on fire

CHEYENNE, WY – Several witnesses recounted the extraordinary efforts of four strangers after a car rear-ended a truck just outside of a gas station. Immediately after the driver of the truck was struck by the car, he recalls being able to hearing screaming coming from the car behind him. While he jumped out of his truck, 3 bystanders rushed to the crash scene. The four people then noticed that a fire had started as a result of the crash. Inside the car, the three occupants, two of which were children, could not exit the vehicle due to the damage from the crash.

The driver of the truck ran to the gas station and grabbed a portable fire extinguisher. He then ran back to the car to spray the flames; at the same time the three bystanders work to successfully get the two children and their mother from the car. The truck driver was able to completely extinguish the fire before authorities arrived at the scene. The truck driver, the three bystanders, and the two children were all in good condition follow the event. The mother of the two children was taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.


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