Employees use portable fire extinguisher to halt fire

Posted on 9.5.17

TEMPLE, TX – Employees of a Texas grocery store were able to use a portable fire extinguisher to put out a fire that had started in the loading dock. Temple fire fighters arrived at the loading dock area around 3:40 a.m. to find that the fire had already been extinguished by the store employees. Their […]

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Teen escapes hover board fire using family escape plan

Posted on 8.30.17

PORTLAND, OR – A family of five was in their home when their newly purchased hover board burst into flames on the house’s staircase. The family’s sons were upstairs in their bedrooms, while the two parents were down stairs. The father quickly grabbed a portable fire extinguisher to put out the flames coming from the […]

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Three fires in one town stopped with extinguishers

Posted on 8.18.17

BURTON, SC – Over three consecutive days, Burton Fire officials were dispatched to three separate fires that were ultimately extinguished by bystanders before the fire fighters arrived. The first fire started in a school bus wheel well and was doused using the fire extinguisher that was on board. The bus was not carrying any passengers […]

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Walmart honors employees who used extinguisher

Posted on 8.3.17

ELKIN, NC – Three Walmart employees and a customer were honored by the store for their quick thinking that helped minimize an emergency situation and save property and lives. Back on July 4th, around 10:30 pm, a customer alerted the store employees to a fire that had started on one of the merchandise shelves. Three […]

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Fire from an ‘explosion’ put out with extinguisher

Posted on 7.25.17

JEROME, ID – The Jerome City Fire Department received an emergency call from a resident claiming that there was an explosion next to her house at the Jerome Business Center. When the Fire Department arrived at the Center, they found that the structural fire caused from the explosion had already been put out with a […]

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Neighbor recognized for use of fire extinguisher

Posted on 7.17.17

EVERETT, WA – The Everett Director of Emergency Management and the town Fire Marshal recognized a local woman who helped save her neighbor’s house from a fire. Early one morning, the woman woke to shouting coming from her neighbor’s house. When she looked out the window, she saw that there was a fire on the […]

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FedEx driver saves crashed motorist with fire extinguisher

Posted on 7.16.17

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – As a FedEx driver completed his delivery route, he witnessed a car crash into a large rock and flip over. The FedEx driver then immediately pulled over and jumped into action. He ran to the flipped car and carefully helped remove the driver from the vehicle. He then noticed the vehicle […]

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Fire at technical school put out with extinguisher

Posted on 7.13.17

SIOUX FALLS, SD – While construction crews were working at a Sioux Falls technical high school, they noticed a fire had ignited on the school’s roof. After the crew reported the fire to authorities, they used a portable fire extinguisher to put out the flames. The Sioux Falls Fire Rescue team arrived to find the […]

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