12-year-old saves siblings with fire extinguisher

Posted on 5.23.19

Naples, FL – A family in Southwest Florida is thankful for their son’s quick thinking. Playing on his Xbox late one night, the young boy became alarmed when he was overpowered by the smell of burning plastic. After realizing his brother’s mini fridge had caught on fire, he quickly picked up his sister and led […]

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Suspicious package fire put out with extinguisher

Posted on 4.25.19

SANTA ROSA, CA – The Santa Rosa Fire Department is investigating a package that suddenly burst into flames in an apartment building hallway as arson. The person who called the fire department told reporters that a package in the hallway of his apartment ignited and caused a fire. The building resident acted quickly, however, and […]

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Sawdust to blame for small fire on campus

Posted on 4.24.19

LANSING, MI – Students at Lansing Community College were able to return to class after a fire broke out in the school’s wood working shop. The fire department was called to the college after a fire was discovered and had started to fill a portion of the building with smoke. Thanks to the quick action […]

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Citizens reminded of why to have fire extinguishers

Posted on 4.24.19

CALIFORNIA, MD – A photographer for Southern Maryland News Net was in the right place at the right time. When the Bay District Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a residence on Nicholas Court for a kitchen fire, he was only one block away. After arriving a few moments later, the photographer found the home’s […]

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Neighbors put out police car fire with extinguisher

Posted on 2.18.19

NEW ORLEANS, LA – While on route to the scene of a police shootout, a New Orleans police officer lost control of his car, crashing into an oak tree, which caused his cruiser to catch fire. Luckily, the neighborhood’s residents jumped into action. First, they pulled the police officer from the burning cruiser, and then […]

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House fire doused with extinguishers

Posted on 2.7.19

CHALLIS, ID – On a recent Saturday morning, a homeowner noticed paint blisters forming on the wall of his modular home. The man was home with wife, daughter and granddaughter when he realized there was a fire in the home’s wall. The family quickly took action by calling the fire department, shutting off the breakers […]

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Resident Puts Out Fire with Extinguisher

Posted on 2.6.19

SOUTH PASADENA, CA – A South Pasadena resident is being credited with putting out a fire that had ignited in her home before firefighters were able to respond. The South Pasadena Fire Department was called to the apartment complex just before 11:00 pm. When they arrived at the scene, they found that the apartment’s resident […]

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Nursing student fights fire with portable extinguisher

Posted on 1.15.19

ST. LOUIS, MO – A University of Missouri–St. Louis College of Nursing student is being credited with saving her neighbor’s apartment and two dogs after she discovered a fire in their kitchen. She was alerted to the fire by the apartment’s fire alarm, but when she went to check on the apartment, she learned that […]

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