Bathroom fire and the portable extinguisher that could

Posted on 8.19.19

Orcas Island Fire and Rescue seal

Orcas Island, WA – Orcas Island Fire and Rescue was dispatched on Aug. 15 to a small fire located in a public restroom. The fire appeared to have been started by someone igniting a piece of toilet paper located in a plastic dispenser. Thanks to the ready location of a fire extinguisher and the quick […]

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Hoverboard fire put out with portable extinguisher

Posted on 8.17.19

hoverboard explosion

New Castle, PA – A Pittsburg family woke late one Saturday night to find that a charging hoverboard had caught on fire in their home. The homeowner told fire authorities that the flames were up to the ceiling. The father of the family used a portable fire extinguisher to put out the fire. The fire […]

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Portable Extinguisher used in Elementary School Fire

Posted on 8.14.19

Fire at Northridge Elementary school release

Northridge, ND – The Bismarck Fire Department was called to the Northridge Elementary School after a fire was reported in a basement storage area. However, a school employee was able to put out the flames using a portable fire extinguisher before the fire department arrived. There were no injuries and the damage was limited to […]

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Oilfield worker puts out small tank fire with extinguisher

Posted on 7.31.19

Oilfield worker puts out small tank fire with extinguisher

Warren, TX – A quick-acting oilfield worker prevented a fire that could have burned longer on an oil storage tank in Tyler County. A possible lightning strike on an oil storage tank in the area ignited a fire on the tank’s pressure relief valve. A worker who was in the area was able to put […]

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Fire extinguisher used to keep blaze under control

Posted on 7.24.19

Post Falls, ID — Bystanders in Post Falls worked together to put out a quickly spreading fire caused by a tractor’s trailer breaking. While the driver pulled over when he heard the noise of a part snapping off, he didn’t initially spot the fire and drove away. The honks of other motorists alerted him to […]

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Heroic Florida man rushes into neighbor’s home and fights fire

Posted on 7.19.19

Deerfield Beach, FL- A Deerfield home is still standing thanks to a Good Samaritan’s quick actions after he was alerted to a fire by his neighbor’s calls for help. Once he spotted the plumes of smoke, he swiftly snagged the re-breather mask he uses for his job as a pest control technician and a portable […]

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Orange County corrections officer saves disabled man from fire

Posted on 7.8.19

Winter Park, FL — A local Florida man was given an award for saving his disabled neighbor from an apartment building blaze. Startled by the smell of smoke on a recent evening, the man immediately brought his son to safety. Upon learning that a disabled man was still inside the building, he rushed back to […]

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Teen uses extinguisher to prevent potential disaster

Posted on 7.5.19

Beaufort, SC — Recently, a fifteen year old girl became her family’s savior when she prevented their home from going up in flames. While preheating the oven on a Friday night, the girl watched a spark catch the oven on fire. Swiftly, she grabbed a nearby portable fire extinguisher and smothered the growing blaze. Although […]

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