Teen uses extinguisher to prevent potential disaster

Posted on 7.5.19

Beaufort, SC — Recently, a fifteen year old girl became her family’s savior when she prevented their home from going up in flames. While preheating the oven on a Friday night, the girl watched a spark catch the oven on fire. Swiftly, she grabbed a nearby portable fire extinguisher and smothered the growing blaze. Although […]

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Car fire controlled with portable fire extinguisher

Posted on 7.5.19

Summit, NJ — An employee at Overlook Medical Center relied on his fire safety training to manage a growing car fire that was outside of the building. In the early hours of the morning, the New Jersey man watched as a car burst into flames and dashed outside with a portable fire extinguisher. Recalling the […]

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Man with fire extinguisher saves auto shops from fire damage

Posted on 7.1.19

El Cajon, CA- A mechanic from Executive Auto saved not one, but two local businesses when he took control of a blaze along Interstate 8. The brush fire initially sparked on a nearby hill between the two auto shops, but was spreading fast. Spotting the flames, the man grabbed a portable fire extinguisher and went […]

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Fire extinguisher saves family from tens of thousands of dollars in damage

Posted on 6.3.19

Whitehall, MI – Over Memorial Day weekend, a local Whitehall family was shocked when their pool heater burst into flames. Enjoying some s’mores with friends, the party was interrupted by a cloud of smoke billowing from the pool house. Upon discovering the fire, the family’s guest, a Fire Inspector at White Lake Fire Authority, swiftly […]

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Lightning strike started home fire

Posted on 5.28.19

Norwalk, IA – On a recent Tuesday evening, the Norwalk fire department was called to put out a house fire that was ignited by a bolt of lightning. The strike hit the home’s shed and travelled to the house. The owners acted swiftly, grabbing their portable fire extinguisher, and put out the flames. While the […]

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12-year-old saves siblings with fire extinguisher

Posted on 5.23.19

Naples, FL – A family in Southwest Florida is thankful for their son’s quick thinking. Playing on his Xbox late one night, the young boy became alarmed when he was overpowered by the smell of burning plastic. After realizing his brother’s mini fridge had caught on fire, he quickly picked up his sister and led […]

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Suspicious package fire put out with extinguisher

Posted on 4.25.19

SANTA ROSA, CA – The Santa Rosa Fire Department is investigating a package that suddenly burst into flames in an apartment building hallway as arson. The person who called the fire department told reporters that a package in the hallway of his apartment ignited and caused a fire. The building resident acted quickly, however, and […]

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Sawdust to blame for small fire on campus

Posted on 4.24.19

LANSING, MI – Students at Lansing Community College were able to return to class after a fire broke out in the school’s wood working shop. The fire department was called to the college after a fire was discovered and had started to fill a portion of the building with smoke. Thanks to the quick action […]

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