Extinguisher puts out grease fire at a Kentucky Fried Chicken

Posted on 12.6.16

NILES, MI- No one was injured when the Niles Fire Department responded to a grease fire at a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Workers first noticed a fire underneath the fryer, but then the flames spread upward. As some employees called 911 and evacuated the restaurant, other workers used a portable fire extinguisher to put out the […]

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Electrical fire at elementary school stopped with fire extinguisher

Posted on 12.5.16

FAIR GROVE, MO- Students at the Fair Grove elementary school had to be evacuated after an electric fire in one of the bathrooms filled the school with smoke. The teacher that discovered the fire, first notified the administration, and then used a portable fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Upon arrival, the fire department […]

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Fire in a Long John Silver’s kitchen contained by fire extinguisher

Posted on 11.28.16

GREENCASTLE, IN – The Greencastle Fire Department was called to respond to a structure fire at the town’s Long John Silver’s. The fire started in the restaurant’s kitchen near the fryer area. Restaurant employees acted quickly and put out the grease fire using a portable fire extinguisher. When the fire crews arrived on the scene, […]

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Extinguisher Stops Dryer Fire Bradford County Jail

Posted on 10.25.16

BRADFORD COUNTY, FL- An on duty shift sergeant was alerted to a dryer fire by inmates at the Bradford County Jail. The sergeant saw flames coming from the bottom of the dryer unit, so he used a portable fire extinguisher to put them out. The corrections officers extinguished the fire just as the Starke Fire […]

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Military Veteran with Fire Extinguisher Hailed as a Hero

Posted on 10.21.16

CHARLOTTE, NC- As a retired military veteran was driving in his company van he spotted a car on the off-ramp that was on fire. He quickly made a U-turn to make his way back to the car. The veteran then grabbed the portable fire extinguisher that was in his work van and ran to the […]

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Wal-Mart employee stops electrical fire with an extinguisher

Posted on 10.11.16

COLUMBIA, MO – A Wal-Mart employee called the Columbia Fire Department when a small electrical fire started in the store’s meat department. The employee then put out the fire using a portable fire extinguisher. It took the Columbia Fire Department only five minutes to dispatch to the store, but officials state that the fire was […]

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Albany City Employee Saves Resident from House Fire

Posted on 8.19.16

ALBANY, GA- An Albany Utilities technician saved a family, and their home, after a stove caught on fire from an electrical shortage. At the time that the fire started, five members of the family were inside the house, and the utilities technician was working at a house three doors away. When the technician heard the […]

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Laptop Bursts Into Flames, Owner Says Laptop Was Charging

Posted on 8.17.16

SHAWNEE, Kan. — Firefighters were called to a home in the 8900 block of Rene Wednesday morning after a laptop computer burst into flames. Paul Kupperman said his wife, Juli, was at home reading e-mail on a different computer when the Sony Vaio laptop computer caught fire. “Flames started to shoot out from all different […]

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