Extinguisher used to stop a fire at Denver Airport

Posted on 2.23.18

DENVER, CO – A passenger’s vaping device is being blamed for a fire that disrupted operations at Denver International Airport last month. According to a press release from the Denver Fire Department, the dissembled device was inside the passenger’s travel bag when it caught fire as it passed through a TSA X-ray machine. The fire […]

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Cardboard fire contained by portable fire extinguisher

Posted on 2.15.18

COLUMBUS, IN – Following a fire at an OfficeMax, the store manager told firefighters that it wasn’t until he entered the rear stock area of the store that he found smoke and a fire which had started in the cardboard-compactor machine. He then immediately warned the other store staff and used a portable dry chemical […]

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Homeowner uses fire extinguisher after car crash

Posted on 1.23.18

HILLSDALE, NJ – Around 2 a.m. one morning, a New Jersey homeowner was woken up as a car crashed into her house. She told authorities that she heard a loud explosion, so she looked out her window, where she saw that the car was on fire and resting on her house. She immediately ran outside […]

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Elementary school fire put out with extinguisher

Posted on 1.18.18

VINELAND, NJ – Just as cafeteria workers were about to serve lunch at a New Jersey elementary school, the oven caught fire. Firefighters arrived at the school to find that fire had been put out thanks to a cafeteria worker and a fire extinguisher. Investigators determined that the fire was caused by an electrical issue. […]

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Scare reveals importance of fire extinguishers

Posted on 1.6.18

SHEFFIELD, TN – It started with a sudden pop in the kitchen, followed by a burning smell that the husband and wife homeowners could not locate. After searching their house for the source of the smell, they discovered smoke seeping from the cabinet door below the stove. That is when they found a fire that […]

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Bystander uses fire extinguisher after a car crash

Posted on 11.20.17

TULSA, OK – A bystander who witnessed a car hit another vehicle before crashing into an apartment complex was able to save the life of the driver and prevent any further property damage. The car was travelling along a highway when it struck an SUV, went off the highway and drove through a median before […]

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Fire officials praise teacher and student for quick action regarding fire

Posted on 11.9.17

RACINE, WI – The Racine Fire Department is crediting a Horlick High School student and teacher with quick action to extinguish a trash can fire inside the school theater one morning. Officials said a student discovered a small fire inside a trash can in the theater, then notified his teacher and activated the fire alarm. […]

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91-year-old puts out kitchen fire with extinguisher

Posted on 11.6.17

YORK, PA – Back in August of this year, a 91-year-old resident of York, PA rushed to her neighbor’s apartment with a portable fire extinguisher after being alerted to a kitchen fire. Neighbors recounted that the 91-year-old confidently grabbed the portable fire extinguisher from the apartment building hallway and put out the kitchen fire. Even […]

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