Motorized bicycle fire extinguished

Posted on 7.12.17

GATES, NY – A 37-year-old man was riding a bicycle with a modified gas-propelled engine when he was hit by a vehicle turning left. The man then crashed and the bicycle’s gas engine caught on fire. A passerby who witnessed the crash used a portable extinguisher to put out the fire. The bicyclist sustained head […]

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Homeowner: neighbor’s fire extinguisher saved my life and home

Posted on 6.19.17

WINTERVILLE, NC – Early one morning, a Winterville homeowner woke to a burning smell and the sound of a neighbor banging on his door alerting him to a fire on his house. The fire had started near a front entrance on the exterior of the home. Together, the neighbor and homeowner used a portable fire […]

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Charcoal grill starts apartment fire

Posted on 6.6.17

PULLMAN, WA – Fire authorities are warning people to be extra careful, and have a fire extinguisher on-hand, when using charcoal grills after briquettes in Pullman, WA caught on fire a month after they were used. The Pullman Fire Department responded to a call about a deck fire one recent Sunday morning. When they arrived, […]

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Ferry generator fire put out quickly with extinguisher

Posted on 6.2.17

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MA – During a routine trip, the chief engineer on a Martha’s Vineyard ferry discovered a fire in one of the three generators on the boat. The fire started as the ferry was coming into port in Vineyard Haven. The chief engineer quickly grabbed a portable fire extinguisher and doused the flames. Upon […]

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An “Angel” with an extinguisher stopped a car crash fire

Posted on 5.26.17

BEL AIR, MD – A man was turning left in his car at an intersection when a school bus ran a red light and hit his car. Witnesses immediately called emergency officials, notifying them that the car had started on fire. A bystander jumped into action by flagging down a different school bus, grabbed a […]

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5-year-old tells father to use fire extinguisher

Posted on 5.8.17

DALTON, GA – Thanks to the lessons learned at a recent fire station tour, a 5-year-old girl knew exactly what to do when a fire started in her bedroom. As she was playing in her room, she noticed a fire had started behind her toy box. She immediately ran out of her room to her […]

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Three men rescue children from apartment fire

Posted on 5.5.17

STUART, FL – One evening, a grandmother was cooking dinner with her two grandchildren, when she left to run across the street to the store. While she was gone, the stove caught on fire. Three men who happened to be walking by saw the smoke and rushed inside the apartment. While two of the men […]

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Chemistry class fire put out with extinguisher

Posted on 5.3.17

DRYDEN, NY – Dryden middle and high schools were evacuated one morning after a chemical fire started in a chemistry classroom trashcan. Once the teacher was alerted to the fire, he was able to quickly douse the flames using a fire extinguisher. He then pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the building, closing the door […]

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