Extinguisher used to put out dryer fire

Posted on 1.15.19

COLDWATER, MI – The Coldwater Fire Department was called to the Old Mill Race Apartments after a plumber accidentally ignited lint in the building’s mechanical room dryer while he was soldering a copper pipe. Firefighters told reporters that the plumber used a portable fire extinguisher to put out the flames before they spread. Damage was […]

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Maintenance man saves the day with fire extinguisher

Posted on 1.2.19

DOVER, DE – A maintenance man is being hailed as a hero in Dover after he put out a fire in an apartment complex, saving four children. While the cause of the fire is not known, it started just after 1:30 p.m. in an apartment. As soon as the building’s maintenance man was alerted to […]

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Women rescued by Good Samaritan with extinguisher

Posted on 12.5.18

ROGUE VALLEY, OR — Days before Thanksgiving, a Medford woman was on her way home for the holiday when she was involved in a head-on crash in Utah. The woman was trapped in her car as it caught fire. A Utah resident passing by jumped into action and extinguished the fire using a portable extinguisher […]

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Electric scooter giant Lime recalled scooters due to fear of fire

Posted on 10.30.18

LAKE TAHOE, CA – Lime, one of the nation’s largest electric scooter companies, pulled thousands of its scooters off the streets since this summer after discovering that a small number of them may be carrying batteries with the potential to catch fire. In one recorded incident, the Lake Tahoe Fire Department was called to the […]

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Good Samaritan puts our car fire with extinguisher

Posted on 10.9.18

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – A quick-thinking Good Samaritan put out a car fire in Fort Lauderdale by using a portable fire extinguisher from a nearby Walgreens. Witnesses say they saw a car burst into flames while it was traveling down the middle of the roadway. A bystander pulled up next to the car, ran from […]

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San Angelo City Hall fire put out with extinguisher

Posted on 9.11.18

SAN ANGELO, TX – About 25 people had to evacuate from the San Angelo City Hall after a toaster oven in the basement caught fire. Three fire crews were dispatched to the City after the incident was reported. Ultimately, the fire was put out by a portable fire extinguisher before the fire crews could arrive. […]

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Teenager credited with extinguishing kitchen fire

Posted on 9.6.18

LEBANON, OR – A Lebanon teenager is credited with stopping a kitchen fire in his home after a pan of grease caught fire. The boy’s mother has started cooking on the stove, but went outside and lost track of time. She then realized that there was smoke coming from the kitchen and ran back inside […]

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Boy Scout extinguishes apartment fire

Posted on 9.6.18

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Using the knowledge he learned from being a Boy Scout, an Orange County teenager was able to use a portable fire extinguisher to put out a fire in his apartment building. He was originally alerted to the fire by his neighbor shouting for help. The Scout immediately jumped into action by […]

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