Officer praised for fire response

Schertz, TX – When a fire broke out at a Schertz, Texas apartment building, a nearby police officer rushed in to help. Using a portable fire extinguisher, he was able to quickly get the fire under control and make sure everyone living in the apartment was safely evacuated. Thanks to his response, damage to the […]

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School cafeteria fire quickly doused

Miles City, MT – A staff member at a Miles City, Montana elementary school is being praised for a quick response when a fire broke out in the cafeteria’s kitchen. As fire crews arrived, they found light smoke emanating from the school and the successful evacuation of students taking place. Upon entering, firefighters found that […]

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Driver quickly puts out camper fire with extinguisher

Philomath, OR – An Oregon man is being credited for his quick thinking after his camper caught fire while driving on the highway. When he noticed smoke emanating from the camper, the man pulled over, called 911, and then used a portable fire extinguisher to knock down the flames. He was then able to safely […]

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Neighbor honored for fire extinguisher rescue

Lorain, OH – When a kitchen fire broke out at an apartment complex in Lorain, Ohio, a neighbor’s quick actions prevented a potential disaster. After hearing screams for help coming from a neighboring apartment, the man took a fire extinguisher from the hallway and used it to knock out the flames. By the time firefighters […]

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Fire extinguisher saves home after candle fire

High Springs, FL – In High Springs, FL, a family awoke to smoke and flames when a candle that had been left burning started a fire in one of their bedrooms. Fortunately, the homeowner had kept a fire extinguisher in the home and safely used it to knock out the fire before firefighters arrived on […]

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Bystander uses fire extinguisher to save truck driver

Williamsburg, VA – A motorist in Williamsburg, VA is being hailed as a hero for assisting a trapped truck driver after his fuel transport truck crashed and caught fire. As flames began to spread to the truck’s cab near the driver, the bystander quickly identified the fire extinguisher on board and used it to stop […]

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Cooking fire stopped with portable fire extinguisher

La Grange Park, IL – In La Grange Park, IL, firefighters responded after an automatic fire alarm was triggered at a 27-unit apartment complex. Upon entering the complex, they found that a kitchen fire had been put out by a resident using a portable fire extinguisher. Thanks to the resident’s response, damage was limited to […]

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Tenants put out kitchen fire, avert disaster

Cortland, NY – When a fire broke out in the kitchen of a Cortland, NY home, tenants quickly jumped into action to avoid disaster. Following a 911 call, Cortland firefighters responded to the home to find smoke coming from the second floor. By the time they entered the home, a tenant had already used a […]

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Fire Safety Map

Are You Safe? Does your building require fire extinguishers throughout?
Every state has a State Fire Code with a section on fire extinguisher requirements. To get an overview of what state fire codes are based on and if states have made enhancements to fire codes visit the Interactive Fire Safety Map.

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