Cameras capture fire extinguisher putting out e-cigarette blast

OWENSBORO, KY – A Shell Gas Station surveillance video caught the dramatic footage of when an e-cigarette battery exploded in the pocket of a customer. The video shows the Owensboro, KY man standing in line when sparks started erupting from his pocket. Two Shell Gas Station employees witness the explosion as the man ran outside […]

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Fast food restaurant customer stops fire with an extinguisher

KNOXVILLE, IA – Knoxville Fire and Rescue had to be called to the Hardee’s in Knoxville, IA when a coffee pot malfunctioned. The malfunction caused sparks to shoot out of the top of the coffee maker. A customer who was nearby, swiftly grabbed a portable fire extinguisher and put out the fire before it could […]

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Restaurant owner “blessed” after fire extinguisher saves business

PINE BLUFF, AR – A fire at a restaurant early Wednesday morning resulted in smoke damage but no injuries. The restaurant owner said that fire started in the kitchen when a can of cooking spray fell on a hot stove and exploded. She stated that she was in the dining room when she heard the […]

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Fire Safety Map

Are You Safe? Does your building require fire extinguishers throughout?
Every state has a State Fire Code with a section on fire extinguisher requirements. To get an overview of what state fire codes are based on and if states have made enhancements to fire codes visit the Interactive Fire Safety Map.

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