AAA Fire Extinguisher Co. driver helps extinguish grass fire off I-95 in Etna

ETNA, ME – An employee of AAA Fire Extinguisher Co. assisted in extinguishing a grass fire on Interstate 95. The employee was traveling from Bangor to Augusta in a company vehicle when he noticed smoke on the highway around 11:30 a.m. Upon further inspection he realized it was a grass fire. He then pulled over […]

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Fire extinguisher used by an employee at assisted living facility

GRAY, ME – An assisted living facility fire was contained with no injuries thanks to the quick thinking of a staff member using a fire extinguisher. Residents of Gray Manor are now back at the facility. Gray’s Fire Captain said crews were called to the assisted living facility around 6:05am for a small bedroom fire […]

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World’s largest solar power plant near Nevada border saved by fire extinguisher

NIPTON, CA – A fire at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System broke out after a mirror misalignment caused sunlight to burn through electrical wiring. The fire began around 9:30am, according to a Facebook post from the San Bernardino County Fire Department. Fire officials said that flames could be seen near the ninth floor of […]

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Quick-Thinking Employee Helps Minimize Damage by using a Fire Extinguisher

ABERDEEN, WA – The quick actions of an employee kept a small fire from becoming a large fire in the warehouse of a business that sells harbor equipment, according to a press release from the Aberdeen Fire Department. An employee said that he was getting ready to lock up the building for the night when […]

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Assisted living center saved by employee with a fire extinguisher

ALBANY, GA – Fire authorities in southern Georgia are warning residents to make sure that all electrical items are properly plugged into electrical outlets. This warning was prompted due to a fire that broke out at the Morningside Assisted Living Center. Investigators said a fire started in one of the rooms due to an air […]

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Fire extinguisher used in rescuing two children from a car on fire

CHEYENNE, WY – Several witnesses recounted the extraordinary efforts of four strangers after a car rear-ended a truck just outside of a gas station. Immediately after the driver of the truck was struck by the car, he recalls being able to hearing screaming coming from the car behind him. While he jumped out of his […]

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Fire extinguisher stops smoldering fire at Pittsfield Business

PITTSFIELD, MA – Pittsfield fire authorities were called to a local furniture business during the work day because of a smoldering fire in the back loading dock. Before the fire department arrived, an employee in the business’s wood working shop grabbed a portable fire extinguisher to spray the fire. He was able to completely put […]

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Fire extinguisher used to douse flames after laptop explodes

AUSTIN, TX – A recent scare in co-working space was caused when an older model laptop started to smoke, and then burst into flames. The woman using the laptop had been working for a couple hours when the computer started to loudly buzz right before it started to smoke. The other people using the co-working […]

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