Employees use a fire extinguisher to save a local business

MARNE, MI – Six fire departments responded to a dispatch call of an explosion at a local barrel reconditioning facility. The company’s president said that the fire was caused by an inexperienced employee grinding too close to a barrel. Before any of the fire departments were able to arrive at the scene, employees had already […]

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Cellphone fire put out with fire extinguisher

PUYALLUP, WA – Costco employees had to spring into action after a customer’s cellphone caught fire in his pants. The man was shopping when, abruptly, the cellphone in his pants pocket started smoking and burst into flames. As the man hurried to remove his pants, other customers and employees were alerted to the incident. The […]

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EMT’s save 9 people with fire extinguisher

DETROIT, MI – The EMT’s were first to arrive on the scene of a reported house fire. Fire crews were battling another fire and were not able to get to the second fire immediately. The two EMT’s acted quickly, grabbing a portable fire extinguisher to knock down the flames before they worked to evacuate the […]

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School bus driver saves home with fire extinguisher

COPPERAS COVE, TX – A Copperas Cove maintenance employee was driving a school bus one morning when he spotted a quickly spreading yard fire. He immediately pulled over the bus, ensured the children were being supervised by the bus aide, and sprang into action. He first notified a neighbor, then grabbed the portable fire extinguisher […]

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Fire extinguisher used to save car crash occupants

MEMPHIS, TN – Just before 10 p.m. on a Friday night, a bystander witnessed a car crash and catch on fire. The man said he could see that the fuel line was busted, so he quickly ran inside a nearby store and grabbed a portable fire extinguisher. He knew his priority had to be putting […]

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Fire extinguishers save lives

BALTIMORE, MD – Howard County, MD residents retold the story of how a smoldering match almost cost them the contents of their house. On New Year’s Day, the homeowner was lighting candles in her house when the tip of lit match broke off and disappeared under a dresser. Soon after, the husband and wife discovered […]

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Restaurant workers save house with fire extinguisher

MILWAUKEE, WI – The head chef at a Milwaukee restaurant was outside hanging Christmas decorations when he noticed that the man grilling across the street had set his porch on fire. The chef and two other men grabbed several fire extinguishers from the restaurant and ran across the street. The restaurants’ business manager was watching […]

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Suspicious fire put out with portable extinguisher

VISALIA, CA – Visalia fire authorities labeled a small fire at the city’s Target as suspicious after employees discovered the fire in the toilet paper aisle. A store employee put out the flames by using a portable fire extinguisher before fire crews arrived at the store. The employee was able to extinguish the fire before […]

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Fire Safety Map

Are You Safe? Does your building require fire extinguishers throughout?
Every state has a State Fire Code with a section on fire extinguisher requirements. To get an overview of what state fire codes are based on and if states have made enhancements to fire codes visit the Interactive Fire Safety Map.

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